2 Countries Residing in One India

Which report do we celebrate? According to the report of IMF (International Monetary Fund), the growth rate of India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is expected to be 7.4 percent in 2018 and 7.8 percent in 2019. With this In a survey taken after the proposal of all of the world's CEOs, Surpassing Japan India has now became the fifth most attractive destination center in the world. After that IMF report, the Sensex gained record leap.1 भारत में बसते 2 देश - In Hindi

2 Countries Residing in One India

Now look at the other side of the picture, Three more reports were released that day:

  • The WEF (World Economic Forum) said in its inclusive growth report that out of 74 countries, India has slipped two places to 62th, while Pakistan has climbed five places to 47th. While Narendra Modi had said that inclusive economic development is happening in the country.
  • According to the report of ILO (International Labor Organization), the unemployment rate in India has increased by 3 to 3.5 percent and will continue to increase for the next three years, while the average rate of unemployment in the world has declined by 5.6 to 5.8 percent and further decline will continue.
  • According to Oxfam's report, the capital generated during last year 2017, The upper claas (1%) of the country, had gained 73% share of the total capital, i.e. 99% of the people had gained only 27% share of the total capital. Country's 67 Crore poor people have increased their savings by one percentage. According to the 2014 report, Upper class (1%) had only 22 percent of the total generated capital.

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The above reports are revealing vaguely pictures of India. It is obvious that the reports about 'Upper Class poeple' pleases the CEOs of the world and the stock bar is also pleased and lets the Sensex go to the sky. The Middle class thinks India is changing.

But these 3 reports make it clear that India is going through a recession. Now the question arises that if the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to rise, and if the growth rate of GDP is not inclusive and only benefit the upper class, then tell me one thing, how will the growth in the Sensex help the poor to satisfy his hunger ?

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Logically, two different countries are residing within India. One is earning huge by heritage inherited from the ancestral property and by investing money in the stock market without any hard work, and secondly (farmer and laborer) even by working hard each and every day, they are unable to arrange even 2 time mean per day for his family. The farmer has been suffering from drought for two years in the last four years and in the third year when they worked hard to reach their production the record level, his prices came to the ground because government stock houses did not have adequate arrangements for stocking and distributing. When the storage house denied to take most of their crops, and the farmers had started throwing their crops on the road.

Consequently, farmers harvested very little last year. If there is a higher yield, then the merchandise market take productions at very lower rate and lower yield will increase the rate, and then it affect a lot on middle class consumers, but both situations are profitable for merchants.

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The purpose of the Constitution of India says, 'By becoming a citizen of India, we accept our constitution with the determination of equal opportunity for all the people.'
 Then what is happening that even after 70 years the situation have not changed in particular. CEOs of the world, celebrating for the revenue gained each year by upper class one percent people, and say that India is now the fifth most attractive destination for investment.

Probably they or the stock market players don't care about the increasing trench between rich-poor, and constant child mortality rate.

Many farmers are leaving their farming,it's not because they hoping their son will grow up to be a part of those 1 percent Upper Class, but becuase, perhaps becoming a laborer may improve their life, it is a different matter that the unemployment rate in India will continue to grow in the next few Year.

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1 percent of these upper classes have assets of Rs 21 lakh crore, which is almost equal to India's current budget. In 2000, this was 37 percent of the total assets, it increased to 42 percent in 2005 and 48 percent in 2010, It reached to 52 percent in 2012 and now its increased to 58 percent in 2017.

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