50+ Feeling Alone Sad Status in English

If you are looking for Very Sad Status for Whatsapp, Facebook in English, then you are at right place. Here we have posted feeling lonely, Alone English Status, so you can express your depressing mood to your Friends and Outside The World, through Words. These English Status are for those with broken heart, who love loneliness, who are in sad mood, depressed people..

loneliness status

Excessive Loneliness is very dangerous, It can lead to action that we never want to think about, so make friends and try to stay connected to your friends and family as much as you can.

Feeling Lonely English Status

Sometimes Loneliness and Me are Besties.

When you are smiling no one gonna tell you're sad from inside

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Sometimes it's good to be alone, so no jackass gonna hurt you

Our beloved ones can take us out from the loneliness

Being alone is not an issue, but it hurts to be being lonely

Sad Status in English

Loneliness is also thunder without rain

Make some Friends, only they can cure the lonely heart

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The more you care, the more you can get hurt

When I feel Sad, I listen to Broken Heart Music and that Combo makes me Double Sad :(

If you don't want to be lonely, don't let others down....

Loneliness Status

If you're smiling doesn't mean you are happy.....

Someone said it very right, the one you love the most, broke you the hardest...

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Smile is the best method to hide the sadness from the world

I hate those, who say they miss us, but never talked to us...

I hate being Broken...

Best Sad Status

Truths may heart more but only for a short time but the impact of Lies stays lifetime

Cry makes a heart lighter and make some space for some happiness

The greatest pain is loving someone, you know you can never have

All the People Came and Leave, they didn't stay by my side...

I'll wait until that date when I'll realize that i forget you and you'll realize that you can never forget me

Broken Heart Sad Mood

Being Emotionless is another stage of Loneliness...

Being Lonely is the toughest thing in my life

It's very sad to be happy alone, without sharing.

Being Alone and Being Lonely are two different things

Some people make music their best friend, to fill some loneliness

Depressing Status in English

I usually don't sleep enough, but when I do, it's still not enough :(

Smile is the best way to fool the people

To hide sadness from the people, I used to Smile all the day

I'm always afraid to let people into my life because one day they will leave...

Lots of people are important to me, but am I important to any one?

English Tanhai Status

Loneliness has no medicine to cure...

Lonely People are the best donors

Friendship is the cure to loneliness

Sometimes we feel lonely in a crowd

I don't want to let people in my life, so no jackass gonna hurt me

Without Love Status

A man without love is also lonely

Being lonely is like crying without tears....

Being Lonely is very important, it teaches us, we are not complete by our own...

There is a lonely heart behind every fake Smile

When we start disliking us, then other people do the same...

Unhappy Status

To see the world happier, first, we need to like us.

Sometimes people, popular among others, are lonely from inside

Loneliness is worst thing than poverty

Some things we can't do by our own...

God gave us Love to make us Complete

Silent Killing English Status

If you don't want to be lonely, don't try to correct others....

Rich people are more lonely than the poor ones...

Loneliness is a silent killer...

You become prone to hurt at the moment you start caring about others

If you have made someone cry then, be there to wipe-out their tears...

Popular Sad Status

Tears can't change the past but it can stop us doing the same mistake

Any way to go there, where the smile I had was Real...

Sometimes Pain is also useful to us

Only beloved ones can cure the lonely heart

That Pain, every time it reminds me that I'm alive...

Feeling Lonely Status in English 

Sometimes you have to stand out of the crowd just to see who really follows you

Laughter is the perfect medicine, to make every pain pass by

I have to Smile because it's the only way I can hide my emotions...

The close I go to someone, the more I get hurt

Only you can take me out of the loneliness

Those were really heart touching, sad status in English, hope you enjoyed them. We will be adding more loneliness status in this list, the are lots of other collections, don't forget to read them.

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