Gateway of India – Plan A Fun Vacation in Mumbai

Tips for a fun filled vacation in Gateway of India - Are you thinking about going on a trip to Gateway of India? It is important to plan all the details carefully so you can have a relaxing vacation. Keep reading to learn how you can plan a fun vacation in Gateway of India.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

You should do some research about different destinations you are interested in. Look for reviews written by tourists on the Internet and watch documentaries on these areas of Gateway of India, Mumbai City. If you know people who have visited the Gateway of India, ask them some questions. Make a list of all the attractions available in the area of Gateway of India so you can plan your different activities in advance.

Establish a budget for your vacation. You will feel more relaxed if you do not always have to worry about how much you are spending. Gateway of India destinations are often very expensive during the busy season. You should compare different accommodations nearby areas of Gateway of India and select one that corresponds to your budget.

Figure out a way to reach to Gateway of India. If you want to drive there, have a professional mechanic look at your vehicle a few days before you leave. Have your oil changed and do not hesitate to spend money on small repairs, if needed. Consider renting a vehicle for your vacation if your car is not reliable enough. If you want to take the plane to your destination, book your tickets in advance and find a good rental vehicle you can use during your vacation to Gateway of India, Bombay.

Make sure you travel safely. You should map your itinerary in detail and bring some tools with you so you can replace a tire or jump start your battery. if needed. Pack carefully and do not forget to bring some medications, a first aid kit and some clothes adapted to the weather. You should find a map of Gateway of India area and circle the nearest hospitals and police stations. Let your close friends and family know where you are going and stay in touch with them during your trip. Give one of your relatives some money so they can wire it to you in case you lose your wallet.

Follow these tips to plan your next vacation ahead of time. You will find that going on a vacation to Gateway of India is a lot more relaxing if you plan every detail in advance.

Budget Hotels Near Gateway of India Mumbai

Gateway of India is probably the most notable landmark in Mumbai city. Daily thousands of visitors flock to this hotspot to enjoy the monument and in addition observe the great Taj Mahal Construction and Tower hotel reverse the Entrance. You can find half an hour boat rides from the Gate way of India showing the skyline of Mumbai city.

But there are many class hotels in the by lanes resulting in the Entrance. These are 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels and budget hotels near gateway of india mumbai for travellers who do not need to invest too much on their Mumbai accommodation.

The Taj Hotel has world class facilities and royal rooms to appeal to the wants of the wealthy and famous. There are several restaurants providing the best of International and Indian cuisines. The see of-the Arabian Sea from the accommodation window is brilliant.

In case you are seeking 3 star hotels close to the Gateway of India, then there’s the Diplomat hotel catering to friends visiting Mumbai from overseas and different areas of India. Then you can find the three star resorts like Residency, Gordon Home and Godwin. These accommodations are in a strolling distance from the Entrance and they have comfy rooms.

What is the History of Gateway of India?

The Gateway of India was assembled to commemorate the visit of Queen Mary and King George V to Mumbai, prior to the Delhi Durbar, in December 1911. However, since the building didn’t commence till 1915 they only got to see only a cardboard model of the structure. The foundation stone was laid on 31 March 1911, by the governor of Bombay Sir George Sydenham Clarke, with the last layout of George Wittet March 1913 sanctioned on 31. The gateway was assembled from concrete and basalt. The foundations were completed in 1920, and building was concluded in 1924.

The central dome is (25 meters) above the earth at feet 48 feet (15 meters) in diameter and 83 its highest point. The entire harbour front was realigned in order to come in-line with a planned esplanade which would sweep down to the center of the town. On each side of the arch, there are large halls that can hold 600 individuals. The price of the building was 21 lakh (US$38,000), borne chiefly from the Government of India. For lack of funds, the approach road was never constructed, and thus the gateway stands at an angle for the road before it

The architect George Wittet joined the elements of the Roman triumphal arch and the 16th century architecture of Gujarat. Its layout is a blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles; the arch is of Muslim style as the ornaments are of Hindu style. The gateway is reinforced concrete and assembled from basalt. The stone was locally obtained, and the perforated screens were brought from Gwalior. The gateway faces out to Mumbai Harbour from the point of Apollo Bunder.

It’s the location where the governors and viceroys used to land upon their arrival in India.

Observed here is the bunch, which includes local and international tourists, local photographers with the monument in the backdrop. The statue was unveiled on 26 January 1961 on the function of India’s Republic Day. Another statue in the region is that of Swami Vivekananda.

Top 5 Gateway of India Tourist Attractions

India has huge places for tourist attraction, with every popular travel stop you'll find hundreds of other local travel points like add-ons to the main item. Below I have mentioned some popular travel spots you must visit while visiting Gateway of India.

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue

55, Dr. V.B. Gandhi Marg, Mumbai, India

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue

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Superb architecture, very calm and full of history, the synagogue speaks volumes of a residential district, though small in number, that has contributed so much to Mumbai. The stained glass, the scriptures, the cast iron structure and the distinct blue color stand out of the remaining architecture in the vicinity. Mr. Solomon Sophore briefed us in regards to the Jewish culture and way of life. This popular tourist attraction is 0.7 near to Gateway of India.

Ocean Blue Charters

4th Floor, Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, M.B. Marg | Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai 400039, India

Ocean Blue Charters

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Ocean Blue Charters brings for your requirements a complete new world of luxury on the high seas. Be it a romantic cruise on the ocean for two, a personal evening with the household, or perhaps a grand celebration with your organization associates, just choose your boat and we’ll do the others for you.We offer sets from speedboats for an interesting ride to yachts for private get-togethers. Ocean Blue Charters is nearest tourist attraction of Gateway of India, just 0.3 km away.

Rajabai Clock Tower

Bombay University, Mumbai, India

Rajabai Clock Tower

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This soaring, 250-foot high clock tower combines Gothic and early French-style architectures. The reason why that you need to be visiting this place would be to see the English architecture adorning this oldest clock in the complete city and that’s what attracts the section that comes here to understand the spot but apart from that there’s not much that you do around here while there is no entrance to the clock tower and all you might do around the spot is to capture the spot in your lens and move around watching the adjacent university and its grounds and that’s the extent of what you certainly can do here. This famous tourist attraction is 1 KM away from Gateway of India.

Popli Art Gallery

172, Ready Money Building Battery Street, C S M Road, Mumbai, India
Phone:022 2202 2321 Pop art Gallary

Popli Art Gallery

Hours: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

Cathedral of the Holy Name

19, Nathalal Parikh Road, Mumbai, India

Cathedral of the Holy Name

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Beautiful structure, well-painted ceiling, gothic architecture in Bylane of Colaba. Great serene location. Cathedral of the Holy Name is really a Roman Catholic Church and the seat of the Archbishop of Mumbai, situated in one’s heart of Colaba near the Leopold Cafe, just the Colaba Causeway cross walk for 100 meters and you should go to Nathal Parikh Road. Interior in the church in the Gothic Revival Still is held, nearly the conventional Neugothik will be the colorful wall and ceiling paintings. The church is open all day long, it is a great place to get from the hustle and bustle in Colaba only a little distance can. Each day you can find four Masses there, each morning at 6:30 and at 7:30, lunch at 1:15 and dinner at 6:30. This tourist attraction is 0.5 away from Gateway of India.

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