10 tallest buildings in top 10 cities of India

A new era brings the new description to buildings; each one is reaching at new stunning eminences. Luckily for people of India, Mumbai commences bountiful for us to take you through more than a century of tall buildings and all other cities are also in lineage to built Skyscrapers.

1. Imperial Tower, Mumbai - highest building in Maharashtra

Imperial Tower

It's the tallest buildings in India which are known as twin-tower residential and described by some as “great ball point pens kissing the sky”. It is the largest Residential skyscraper in India, with a great height of 833 ft, the Building was designed by Shapoor ji Pallon ji & Co. that offers 60 Floors as staying option and are completed to use by the hefty people who are loaded with money. The Imperial Offers an excellent lifestyle and luxury apartments to live. The financial and commercial capital city of India, Mumbai has most of the high-rise buildings in India

2. Choice Paradise, Kochi - Tallest Building In Kochi

Choice Paradise

It is famous for the prime location in the city, decorative appeal, attractive design, maximum use of space with brilliance design of construction and yes it is the tallest residential building in South India, located in Cochin, Kerala. The 40 storied Skyscraper is popular for luxurious apartments, green life with nature and many more comforts. It covers area about 3,00,000 sq.ft. for built-up space, and with this huge building Choice Construction create landmarks throughout the state of Kerala. 

3. North Star, Bangalore - Tallest Buildings In India

North Star in Bangalore

North Star is the giant commercial town in the IT city Banglore. The complex is located in Malleswaram West which is in demand for the software industry work area which is always get admired and compared with World Trade Center in India. It is a Pre-Built building style that includes Garden Sheds, Utility Sheds, Lofted Barns, Cabins, Garages and more with its 32floors and well known for its height of 128 meters. The World Trade Center also swag of an irreconcilable helipad located at the highest point in the city.

4. South City, Kolkata - Skyscrapers In India

South City in Kolkata

South City Township is in the city Kolkata with four 35-storey and one 15-storey accommodation was built by developers South City Projects. It has a vast area for residents and parking for vehicles. It is often considered the most high-end and overall the best apartments in the city regarding quality, quantity, luxury. South City is one of the giant retail construction in Eastern India and becomes a landmark in Kolkata that also hosts the Kolkata’s upcoming affluence shopping Mall.

5. Lodha Bellezza, Hyderabad - Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Hyderabad

Lodha Bellezza

The skyscraper in Hyderabad which is providing prominent service in building structure and the spacious living room.The floor plan of every villa in the tallest structure of South India elongate across an entire floor. The generously sized rooms offer the comfort of a five-star hotel and a breathtaking panoramic view in the great apartments with all kind of modern facility whether it is yoga, techno, and many more facilities. It is 125 meter in height and obtained 40 floors which are full of luxury inside.

6. Brentwood, Chennai - Tallest Building In South India

Brentwood tower

Brentwood or Himadri Upscale Egattur is the huge building in Chennai built the world-class facility that offers a breath-taking view of the beautiful Bay of Bengal to make a living an exquisite experience. The Building has 29 floors and a height of 108 meters. These flats are strategically located on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), opposite the SIPCOT IT Park. These accommodations are constructed by the Hiranandani Developers and offer luxury 2BHK and 3BHK apartments located at Egattur OMR. The exclusiveness is high-quality features within every apartment for upraising the experience of living standard.

7. Civic Center, Delhi- Highest Building In Delhi

Civic Center

The Delhi civic center is the heart of the city and is the tallest building if North with a height of 102m. This is 28-storeyed building. Delhi Municipal Corporation of Delhi Civic Centre is the tallest building comprises five multi-storey blocks, with a huge build up area excluding other adjacent areas.

8. Neelkanth Patang, Ahmedabad - Famous Buildings In Ahmedabad

Neelkanth Patang

The only revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad which is a masterpiece and can be seen for its charatersticks that make it in noteworthy with a panoramic view of the city where one must visit once in their lifetime to have good food, beautiful dining services, and the majestic services. The hotel building is having a height of 67 meters and is the topmost hotel of the Ahmedabad city.

9. Om Towers, Jaipur - Tallest Building In Jaipur

Om Towers

The unbeaten formation and design of the tallest structure of Rajasthan is made commercially by Dr. T. C Kothari which is located in M.I.The road at the pink city Jaipur. A Hotel which could put Jaipur in the forefront of Modern Cities with all the twenty-first-century pre-requisites. It is an example of modern building technology and the safest & tallest building for public occupation. The constructed hotel is with a height of 66 meters is close to major tourist attractions and markets.

10. DLF Square Tower - Gurgaon Tallest Building

DLF Square Tower

DLF Square Tower featuring with all world class features like dream of kingdom for people is a superstructure building located Jacaranda Marg, DLF City Gurgaon, Haryana. It has 22 Floors and 90 meters tall retail and commercial area occupied by the people. Other skyscrapers structure around Gurgaon city are also established by which are DLF Gateway Tower, DLF Plaza Tower and Vatika Business Park 2.

India has become one of the leading nations in Asia for big construction companies such are making huge buildings that are kissing the sky. These skyscrapers are undergoing a tremendous prosperous construction site. These tall buildings are the new landmark of India as well as the accomplishment of the enormous cities.

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