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Best Whatsapp Status - Funny Sad Romantic Lovely Attitude Negative

Whatsapp Status shows a reflection of your Image and its a way to reveal one's personal views, emotions and thinking. Changing your Whatsapp Status Regularly shows positive way of Living towards Life. And Whatsapp Status is kinda fun if you know to put your thoughts into words efficiently and precisely.

best whatsapp status

1-hour Phone on Silent mode = 10 missed calls, Full Day Phone at Loud Sound = No calls

3 eternal mistakes, Facebook, Whatsapp & Gf..

80% boys have girlfriends and rest have mind including me :p

status for late friends

90% boys have gfs and rest 10% have working brain :D

A Tax is a Fine for Working Well and a Fine is a Tax for Working Doings

best status for whatsapp

A black cat can stop hundreds of people just by passing the crossroad, but traffic light had failed to do the same

A bookstore is only some shreds of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

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A man without love is also lonely

All the People Came and Leave, they didn't stay by my side...

Attitude is like a stylish underwear, can't show it but we wore it

whatsapp best status

Awesome ends with 'me' & Ugly starts with 'you'


Being Alone and Being Lonely are two different things

Being Emotionless is another stage of Loneliness...

Being Lonely is the toughest thing in my life

best love status for whatsapp

Being Lonely is very important, it teaches us, we are not complete by our own...

Being alone is not an issue, but it hurts to be being lonely

i am not lazy status

Being lonely is like crying without tears....

Can you Lend me a #Kiss,I'll Give it back

Cry makes a heart lighter and make some space for some happiness

best whatsapp love status

Dear Lord, can't we skip Mondays

Doing nothing is the toughest thing to do, you can't be certain about the finishing date

Don't feel ashamed standing away from crowd, Eagles fly Alone, Pigeons Flock Together

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Don't go for BF, go for a Dog, they are more loyal and will die soon

Don't try to understand life, you wouldn't come out alive :p

best whatsapp status messages

Dream Big, Like you have to Live Forever & Like like Today is your Last Day

Everything turns funnier when you try to be quiet

Friendship is the cure to loneliness

God has a good creativity sense... I mean just look at me

Heyya... you again reading my status

best whatsapp messages

I always thought air is free until I bought a chips bag

I am living in a fairytale, keep your reality away from me

I am not failed, but I've lost my success

I don't drink alcohol, but when I do I feel awesome

I don't want to let people in my life, so no jackass gonna hurt me

best Sad whatsapp status

I hate being Broken...

I hate those, who say they miss us, but never talked to us...

best life status

I hate when everyone seems happy

I haven't changed but My Attitude is just Upgraded

I may be fat, but you're too ugly

whatsapp status best

I need a better wife and a wi-fi

I usually don't sleep enough, but when I do, it's still not enough :(

I want someone who gives me some loan and then leaves me alone

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I was cool but global warming made me very hot

I'd love my job when I am on holidays

best Sad status

I'll wait until that date when I'll realize that i forget you and you'll realize that you can never forget me

I'm always afraid to let people into my life because one day they will leave...

I'm not Changed, I'm Just Upgraded

I'm not accepting new Friends, busy with old ones

I'm not lazy, I'm just saving my energy

Popular Funny Whatsapp Status

I'm not using WhatsApp, Whatsapp is using me

If I agree with your idea then we both will be wrong

If people try to bring you down, it means somehow you reached above them

If you don't want to be lonely, don't let others down....

If you still hate me then no worries

Best happiness Whatsapp Status

If you're smiling doesn't mean you are happy.....

It's very sad to be happy alone, without sharing.

Loneliness has no medicine to cure...

Loneliness is also thunder without rain

Lonely People are the best donors

Popular happy Status for Whatsapp

Lots of people are important to me, but am I important to any one?

Make some Friends, only they can cure the lonely heart

My best hobby is Sleeping, I can do it even when my eyes closed

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No time for people who hates me, cuz I'm busy in loving those who loves me

Normal Guys wait for the Green Signal, and Drunk ones go straight without waiting

Copycat Whatsapp Status

Now you Can't copy my Status

Our beloved ones can take us out from the loneliness

Respect Yourself, don't care about others

Rules are made to be broken

Smile is the best method to hide the sadness from the world

Best Smile Whatsapp Status

Smile is the best way to fool the people

Some People hates loneliness and that crazy thing is my bestie now

Some people make music their best friend, to fill some loneliness

Someone said it very right, the one you love the most, broke you the hardest...

Sometime I look at people and think, Really, that half dead sperm is the winner??

Best Lonely Status for FB

Sometimes Loneliness and Me are Besties.

Sometimes it's good to be alone, so no jackass gonna hurt you

Sometimes we feel lonely in a crowd

Sorry To Keep you Waiting but I'm Not Updating my STATUS

The greatest pain is loving someone, you know you can never have

Caring FB Status

The more you care, the more you can get hurt

The worst type of Sorrow is remembering Happiness on the day of Sorrow

There is a lonely heart behind every fake Smile

To hide sadness from the people, I used to Smile all the day

Truths may heart more but only for a short time but the impact of Lies stays lifetime

Funny Science Status For Whatsapp

V=RI, the more is current, the larger will be the voltage

Wait... Drop everything from your pockets, I think you stole my Heart

When I feel Sad, I listen to Broken Heart Music and that Combo makes me Double Sad :(

When we start disliking us, then other people do the same...

When you are smiling no one gonna tell you're sad from inside

Fall in Love Whatsapp status

When you fall in love with Someone, you just can't stop it happening

Wow, my tallest finger is now ready for standing ovation

ugly minion status

Your Cat Ate my Mouse

behind every successful person, there is always a surprising woman

can't walk, teleporting only

Best Funny Brian Status

etc. is an acronym for End of Thinking Capacity

girls use Picasa to look beautiful and boys use ms-paint to show their creativity

have you ever imagined that God knows about you and your intelligence :p

if You had a brain, I would have taught you how to use that

if the money grew on the trees then the girls would have dating monkeys

Best Wifi status

my life is all about 3 things, sleep, food and wifi

the brain is the perfect helper when you know how to use it

the one and one thing I have learned from college is texting without looking

the thing I have learned from college is that not finishing a project is not the end of the world

the whole universe is just jealous of me

Best Tension Status

When i got any tensions, i just sing and later i realize my voice is worse than my tensions


i am awesome whatsapp status

I set my Password to 'incorrect' so whenever i forget it system reminds me "your password is incorrect"

Don't Know Kids at Home?? Turn off the Internet and See the Magic

I don't need any Hair Stylists, My Pillow do it for me Every Morning

Stay Together status

We didn't stay together, but I'm glad you were a beautiful part of my Life

When you became Independent, then no one can hurt you

The more you depend on others, the better will be the chances of getting hurt

nothing more depressing than having bad morning and still same at night

#People are Like #Music, some say #Truth and some are just #Noise


#people in my #FriendZone don't need my Status

So these were popular whatsapp statuses, i hope you enjoyed and don't forget to share them with your friends on Whatsapp and Facebook.