Few Common Problems That You Must Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

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If you want to keep your home cool during warm climate then ductless air conditioning is considered to be one of the best methods available. There are some old buildings and also if you want to extend your house, where it is really very difficult to install duct. For such cases, instead of using window air conditioner or fans, you may choose to use ductless split air conditioners. However, if you have already installed ductless air conditioners or planning to install then you must know about few common problems, which need to be repaired time to time.

Common issues to Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

The working principle of any split installation are almost similar to central air conditioners, however in this case air is distributed with the help of individual air handlers instead of ducts. Due to this reason ductless air conditioners need more or less similar kind of repair work.

With better understanding of the various problems that happens in such cooling system, you will be able to select the right system for your home. In this small article, we will give brief overview of some of the important issues with the ductless air conditioning systems.

Improper operation

This is a very common problem with smaller ductless air conditioning systems installed at home, where people often use the air conditioner in improper manner. If you keep your window or door open then effectiveness of your air conditioner system will get reduced. As you keep your door or window open, then warm air will enter the room, which will make your air conditioning less effective. Particularly smaller air conditioner unit will fail to cool your room.

Improper charging of refrigerant

While charging the refrigerant of the air conditioner unit during installation, the technician should meet all the specifications set by the manufacturer. If the technician is not very well experienced, then he may not charge the refrigerant properly. As a result, the cooling efficiency will not be proper. Sometimes over filling of the system with the refrigerant may also create various complications.

Leaks in the system

Sometimes due to leak in the system, refrigerant may become low and the air conditioning will not be sufficient. Such problem must be attended by an experienced technician only.

Improper maintenance

If the filters and coils of the system are not regularly cleaned then the system fans and compressor may fail to work and therefore your system will fail to work. At times, the terminals of the wiring connection may get corroded, which need to be checked periodically to avoid operational problems. Therefore, you must get your air conditioning system regularly checked by any experienced technicians.

Improper drainage

The water created due to condensation must be suitably drained out from the air conditioning system. During humid climate there are more possibilities of condensation, which should not be allowed to remain in the system. Sometimes drainage problem can also happen if the air conditioner is not properly leveled during the installation.

In case, you face any problem with your air conditioner then you should always call the technician, who are experts in this field.