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[Best] Awesome Day Whatsapp & FB Status

If you're here looking for amazing, funny and awesome whatsapp status and messages then you're at right place, here you'll find lots of love, funny and cool statuses to share on whatsapp and fb.

You're gonna love these awesome day Hindi and English status Messages. You can set them on your whatsapp status and facebook stories, you can insert these amazing status as captions with your Instagram Pics, Share these statuses directly with your friends using SMS, and whatsapp & fb messenger apps. Most Shared Whatsapp Status of 2018

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst..
Short Status On Attitude
It's cute when your crush’s crush is you.
तुम पहले भी इतनी खूबसूरत थी या इश्क का रंग चढ गया है तुम पर।
I’m not single, I’m just romantically challenged.
Cute FB Quotes in Hindi
महानता कभी ना गिरने में नहीं है, बल्कि हर बार गिरकर उठ जाने में है।
Short Status For Whatsapp

My lips are the gun. My smile is the trigger. My kisses are the bullets. Label me a killer.
I’m cool…

Happy Holi Wishes 2019

Holi is one of the popular and widely celebrated Indian Festival, it's also known as the festival of colors, so to make this festival more special we have made a list of wishes for holi in Hindi and English.

I hope you'll enjoy this collection and share with your friends and your whatsapp and facebook walls.

** ## best holi wishes ## ** निकलो गलियों में बना कर टोली, भिगा दो आज हर एक की झोली, कोई मुस्कुरा दे तो उसे गले लगा लो, वरना निकल लो, लगा के रंग कह के हैप्पी होली..! Read Also : Holi Quotes

Hope Your Life Is Framed With All Colors Of Love & Happiness Today And Always! Happy Holi

** ## corporate holi wishes ## ** The Dominant Idea Behind Holi Festival Is That We Should Live More In Harmony With Nature Instead Of Trying To Destroy Her And Make Her Our Slave.

Hum Aap K Dil Me Rahte Hain, Isliye Aap Ki Khabar Rakhate Hain. Koi Humse Pahle Wish Na Kar De Aapko, Isliye For Din Pahle Hi Happy Holi Kahte Hain

** ## happy holi wishes ## ** प्रीत का पीला , नेह का नीला, हर…

Happy Holi Quotes 2019

Holi is one of the popular festivals celebrated all over India and into many popular cities of other countries like like Barcelona (Spain), Bath Race Course (UK). रंगों के त्योहार होली की आप सब को बधाई दोस्तों. We have made a list of happy holi quotes in for our beautiful readers.

I hope you'll enjoy these wishes, Quotes and greetings.

** ## Holi Quotes ## ** ऐसे मनाना होली का त्योहार, पिचकारी से बरसे सिर्फ प्यार, ये है मौका अपनों से गले मिलाने का, तो गुलाल और रंग लेकर हो जाओ तैयार... Read Also: Best Holi Wishes

** ## Radha Krishna Holi Quotes In Hindi ## ** Holi Is The Apt Time To Break The Ice, Renew Relationships And Link Yourself With Those That You Wanted To With A Bit Of Color.

** ## Holi Quotes In Hindi Language ## ** Na Juban Se, Naa Card Se, Na Gift Se, Na Post Se, Na Email Se, Is Baar Holi Mubarak Ho Direct Dil Se….

** ## Holi Funny Quotes ## ** You Know Why I Adore Holi? Since It Gets Colours My Life, The Same You Did.

** ## Happy Holi Quotes Images ## ** Le…

Best Holi status quotes wishes messages in Hindi | Happy Holi

Holi is one of the great Indian festivals and celebrated almost all over India. On this day people color each other and wish them Happy Holi. With the trend of wishing Holi on the Facebook and Whatsapp, so I made a list of Holi status in Hindi for people who love to wish festivals to their social media friends and followers.

Don't forget to share these Happy Holi status on Facebook and Whatsapp with your friends and play safely and take care of your skin though.

Happy Holi status in Hindi

Holi ke khubsoorat rango ki tarah,
Aapko aur aapke Pariwaar ko,
Humari taraf se Bahut Bahut,
Rango bhari, umango bhari Subhkamnaye

“Punam” Ka Chand “Rango” Ki “Doli” “Chand Se “Uski” “Chandni Boli “Khushiyon” Se …. “Bhar De Sabki “Jholi”. “Mubarak” Ho”Aapko Ye “Holi” “Happy Holi….

होली के खूबसूरत रंगों की तरह,
आपको और आपके पुरे परिवार को,
हमारी तरफ से बहुत-बहुत,
रंगों भरी, उमंगो भरी शुभकामनाये

Read Also: holi quotes

Baho me bhar kar pucha tha unhone ki,
Kon sa Rang lagau tumhe,
Maine bhi keh hi…

Happy Holi Status For Whatsapp, Facebook

Status for Holi - Holi is a festival of colors and people of every age celebrates this festival especially kids are too excited. I hope on this Holi you'll have a wonderful enjoyment and all your enemies become your friends.

So I have posted various awesome statuses for holi festival 2018, i hope you'll enjoy them and share on whatsapp, facebook.

** ## Advance Holi Status In Hindi ## ** If Wishes Come In Rainbow Colors, Then I Would Send, The Brightest One To Say, Happy Holi.

Read Also: Best Holi Quotes

ऐसे मनाना होली का त्योहार, पिचकारी से बरसे सिर्फ प्यार, ये है मौका अपनों से गले मिलाने का, तो गुलाल और रंग लेकर हो जाओ तैयार...

** ## Funny Holi Status ## ** On This Joyous Day.. Sending You My Warm Wishes.. May Fun Filled Exciting Moments.. Be With You.. Happy Holi

You Know Why I Adore Holi? Since It Gets Colours My Life, The Same You Did.

** ## Happy Holi Status ## ** मथुरा की खुशबू ,गोकुल का हार, वृन्दाबन की सुगंध ,बरसाने की फुहार ! राधा की उम्मीद ,कान्हा का प्यार , मु…

[Latest] Holi Jokes 2019 in Hindi

Holi is a colorful festival, each and every people enjoy it fully, if you're looking for some latest Holi Jokes 2019 then you are at right place here I have made a collection of Whatsapp Funny Jokes for Holi to share with the friends and make them laugh.

Don't forget to share these jokes collection with your friends, they are gonna laugh too after reading these funny holi jokes. You can post these jokes on your facebook profile and tag your friends there. You can also set them as your whatsapp status and facebook and insta stories. Holi Wishes and Status for Whatsapp

जो लोग "बुरा न मानो, होली है"
ये कहकर आप रंग डाल जाते हैं
दिवाली आने पर आप भी
“बुरा न मानो, दिवाली है”
कहकर उनपर बम डाल देना.... हैप्पी होली !!
Holi Jokes In Hindi With Images
कृपया अपनी Girlfriend 💁‍♀️ को Safe रखें,
हादसा हो जायेगा अगर….
पता चला कि….😱
वो किसी और की होली….😂😂🤣🤣
हेप्पी होली…💦💦
गर्लफ्रेंड: रंग लगवाने का क्या लोगे ?
ब्वॉयफ्रेंड (शरारत से) : ज्यादा नहीं बस चार किस.
गर्लफ्रेंड: और अग…

I am Very Proud to be an Indian Messages and Quotes

I Am Proud To Be An Indian Status | India was under British control for centuries and that rose patriotic feelings into the heart of Indian people, so I'm you are an Indian and looking for patriotic and desh bhakti status messages and quotes then I've made this collection of Proud To Be An Indian Army Status for my brothers and sisters of India.

You can share these desh bhakti status and indian army quotes on your whatsapp status and send them to your friends. You can also post them on your and your friend's facebook wall. Independence Day Status and Quotes

A Nation's Culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of it's people
Proud To Be An Indian Status For Whatsapp
दे सलामी इस तिरंगे को
जिससे तेरी शान है
सर हमेशा ऊँचा रखना इसका
जब तक तुझमे जान है
Carried with Care, Coated with Pride
Dipped in Love, Fly in Glory
Moments of Freedom in Shade of Joy
Proud to be an Indian
Deshbhakti Hindi Status
India is United being Diversified and I'm proud of being I…

[Rajputana] Banna Attitude Love Status

Rajput Status | Hello Readers, after searching for best Raputana Status If Google just landed you here, then Welcome to here you'll get what you're looking for. I've made a cool status collection here.

You can set these Love and Attitude Statuses on your Whats app Status and send them to your friends directly, you can also add them as your Facebook stories and post on your profile there. Bindass Status for Boys

करके ब्लॉक सोचती होगी याद करता होगा
राजपूत गिरे हुए रूपये नही उठाते
तू तो फिर भी चवन्नी है !!
Rajput Love Status In Hindi
सुनले छोरी!
ना किसी के भाई से डरे थे
ना किसी के बाप से डरते है
हम राजपूत बस अपने आप से डरते है।
Mahakal Bhola Status
Attitude Love Status In Hindi

वो राजपूत ही क्या जिसकी ज़िंदगी मैं ठाठ नहीं,
और डूब के मर जा वा छोरी, जिसकी ज़िंदगी में राजपूत नहीं !!
Baisa Love Status

शरीफों की शराफत और
हमारा राजशाही अंदाज़
किसी को अच्छा नहीं लगता !
!जय राजपुताना!
Love Sad Status

यें झुठे बहाने मत बणावै
मेरे ते नराज होण के..
इस राजपूत तो बस इतनी …

Cool Attitude Status for Bindass Boys and Girls in Hindi

Bindass Status | Hello Readers, Today I've made a collection for Royal Attitude Status In Hindi, New Bindaas Status In Hindi. So If you're looking to change your status with some raapchik status then you're at right place.

You can post these Fb Status Love, Bindaas Status For Whatsapp on your facebook profile and tag your friends there. You can also add them as your whatsapp status and on your facebook storis. Share them with your whatsapp contacts directly or via SMS. Dhaasu Status in Hindi

जिंदगी में ऐसा नाम कमाओ
के परदा गिरने के बाद भी तालिया बजती रहे
Bindass Attitude Status In Hindi
लाखो बार भी रूठेगी तो मना लूंगा तुझे
बस इस मोहब्बत में कोई तीसरा शामिल ना हो
हमे खैरात में मिली खुशियाँ अच्छी नहीं लगती
हम ग़म में भी नवाबो की तरह जीते है
दिल में चाहत का होना जरूरी है
वरना याद तो रोज दुश्मन भी करते हैं
Girly Attitude Status 
और कब तक खेलेगा तू मुझसे ऎ मेरे खुदा,
अब तो खिलौना बदल दे अपना
किरदार मेरा भी शाम-ए-अवध सा गुलाबी हो जाए
अगर तुम आ जाओ तो इश्क मेरा नवाबी ह…

100+ Latest Mahadev Mahakal Status for Shivratri

Latest Shivratri Status Messages Quotes in Hindi - Lord Shiva is one of the popular God among others and worshiped all over India and many other countries. Isliye is Shivratri ke uplaksh me hum aapke liye lekar aaye hai kaalo ke kaal, Mahakal Status and Devo ke dev, Mahadev Shayari and Quotes. ( Mahakal Status Messages in Hindi )

You can set these Bholenath Shivratri Status Messages on your Whatsapp Status and FB & Insta stories and share with your whatsapp contacts and Facebook friends via wall posting and messaging. You can share these hindi Shivaratri status on the Facebook with your friends or set these Bhole status on your Whatsapp wall. ( Har Har Mahadev Status )

Shiv ki Shakti, Shiv ki Bhakti, Khushi ki bahaar mile,
Shivratri ke pawaan awsar par aapko Zindagi ke ek nayi aachi suruaat mile,
Happy Shivratri
ॐ हौं जूं स: ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
Nirash nahi karte bas ek baar sache mann se Bhole Shankar se Faryaad karo !!
Jai Bhole Bhandar, Teri Mahima Nyaari
निराश नहीं करते बस एक बार सचे…