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Self Attitude Whatsapp Status for Boys & Girls

If you're looking some quotes and status messages to express your attitude to your friends and others then we have got you back covered, here we ave posted various self attitude whatsapp status to share with your friends on whatsapp and facebook.
We updates our collections regularly, so you'll be getting here fresh and updated collection for self confidence attitude status for facebook. Most the below status messages are written for boys but don't worry girls here some quotes are for you too, or you can read our other collections that are specially written for girls.

why people use status messages?? because they find statuses are easy and convenient way to express our feelings, emotions, attitude to others using some images or in text format. You can download any of the images given below and also copy any status or quotes and post them to your social media profiles like facebook profiles or set them on your whatsapp status and stories. You can also directly send these …

Attitude Status For Girls In Hindi

Attitude Status | Most of the Girls looks like totally innocent and very cute when you see then for the first time, but when you get to know them more, you'll find out that they are most tedious and are full of attitude and style. So if you're a girl and looking for some stylish status in hindi to share with your friends especially to boys then you're at right place. Romantic Status for Girls

It's good to be innocent and cute, but it's also very good to have attitude and showing it to others. You can share these Love Attitude Status For Girls to your whatsapp contacts and facebook friends. You can add them to your whatsapp status and stories. FB Status for Boys

तेरी मोहब्बत और मेरी फितरत में
फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि
तेरा Attitude नहीं जाता
और मुझे झुकना नहीं आता
Whatsapp Status For Girl Attitude In Hindi
Cute सा Face मेरा
Killer मेरा Style
थम सी जाती है लोगो की धड़कने
जब करती हूँ मैं Smile
सुन पगले जितना तू Rude है
उससे ज्यादा तो Killer मेरा Attitude हैं

Ramakrishna Paramhansa Quotes Status Messages in Hindi

Rama Krishana Paramhansa was born on February 17, 1836 at Kamarpukar Village of Hoogali disctrict in West Bengal. He was a great Sant always believed in unity & brotherhood, they spent their whole life towards attainment to know the god more precisely. They was pretty famous for their Ramakrishana Mission which was lead by their great pupil Swami Vivekananda ( Former of Hinduism in India. So I have picked up some of their beautiful quotes to inspire our readers.

Do share these Rama Krishana quotes in Hindi on Facebook, Whatsapp and dedicate your feelings that you will lead to a better generation. Osho Love Quotes

Ganda Darpan Suraj ki kirane kabhi nahi darshata,
Issi tarah se jo log Ashudh hai,
Unme Prabhu ki mahima kabhi bhi nahi dikhti hai...
गंदा दर्पण सूरज की किरणों कभी नहीं दर्शाता
इसी तरह से जो लोग अशुद्ध हैं
उनमे प्रभु की महिमा कभी भी नहीं दिखती है
Ramkrishna Paramhans Quotes Sayings In Hindi
The Man Who Works For Others Without Any Selfish Motives Really Does Good To Himse…

11 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in India

Each life needs it’s own tranquil place where one can cherish life with some relaxing moments. Where the peace lies and the mind stops thinking and only watch shimmers in the storm. Some places which are soundless, free from disturbance with pleasant weather and soothing air are need to be explored in India. Choose a beautiful place and lost where only serenity be with you.

India is an ancient country and we have preserved lots of Architectures from older times, there are lots of heritage sites (certified by UNESCO), in short India has lot more things to offer to its visitors. Skyscraper in India

1. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

A memorable place full of luxury green holiday location with calm and cheerful sightseeing. Journey to Tawang is the exploration of the beautiful Tawang Chu River and the famous Buddhist temple. Ample of exposure to Indo-China border is most enjoyable.

2. Majuli, Assam

Majuli is an attractive island in the overuse of the river that separates the land with the tr…

50+ Cool Love and Attitude Desi status for Girls & Boys in Hindi

Attitude Status for Boys | Attitude is something that completes a man, if you don't have attitude, people will treat you like hell and wouldn't care about you much. You can choose any of the FB Status given below and show the world what you are made of, what kind of personality you got. Show your Desi Status to your friends.

FB Status and Whatsapp Status feature will be helpful in this situation. So today I am sharing my collection for Attitude Status for Whatsapp. Choose any of the FB Status for Boys give below and set of your social walls. I hope you would like this collection for best attitude status for Whatsapp, Don't forget to share these Love status messages on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

राज 👑 तो हमारा हर 🗺जगह है
दोस्तों 👬 के दिल ❤ में रहते है, दुश्मनो 👊 के दिमाग 💭 में

Attitude Status for Love in Hindi
कमियां 🤬 तो बहुत सी निकल आएँगी मुझमे
कोई निकालने 🧐 की हिम्मत 🤪 तो दिखाए
Girly Status on Style

यूँ बात-बात पर 👣 छोड़ 😭 देने की बात ना कहा करो…

Latest Valentine Day Status in Hindi

Valentine day is the one and only event most of the love couples waiting for. So I have posted some precious love quotes and valentine day status in hindi for the lovely people to share them with their valentine and entertain them. You can use these latest valentine day hindi status to post on facebook or stick to your whatsapp wall as your status.

So lets have so beautiful hindi valentine day status messages to impress your lover and express your feelings for them. If you have something to share with us and our users then we will be happy to hear from you, just comment down below the post and will reply as soon as possible, you can post down some status from your collections.
Happy valentine day Status in Hindi
Maine to Dekha tha bas ek nazar ke khatir ,
Kya khabar thi ki rag rag me sama jaaoge tum
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मैंने तो देखा था बस एक नजर के खातिर,
क्या खबर थी की रग रग में समां जाओगे तुम

Unki chaal hi kaafi thi is dil ke hosh udaane ke liye...
Ab to hadd h…

Best Valentine Day Status Messages Quotes Wishes in Hindi for February 14 | Happy Valentine Day

Valentine Day is one of the special day for every person who loves to someone. Whatever love couples celebrated all other event days like Kiss day, Hug Day or not but its a must for them.So to make this event more special I have written many Happy Valentine Day status in Hindi to make your partner feel special.

You can share these status and valentine day quotes in hindi on facebook and whatsapp with your friends and to whom you love.
Happy Valentine Day Status in Hindi
Tension na le pagli..
Dheere Dheere teri Zindagi me nahi aayenge..
Direct DJ ke sath aayenge..
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TenSion ना ले पगली. .
DheEre DheEre से तेरी जिंदगी,में नही आएँगे....
DirEct ÐJ के साथ आएँगे..

Dil ki Kitaab me Gulab unka tha,
Raat ki neend me vo khwaab unka tha,
Hai kitna pyaar humse jab ye humne puch liya,
Mar jayenge bin aapke ye jwaab unka tha..
दिल की किताब में गुलाब उनका था;
रात की नींद में वो ख्वाब उनका था,
है कितना प्यार हमसे जब ये हमने पूछ लिया;
मर जाएंगे बिन आपके ये जवाब उनका …

Latest Basant Panchami Quotes, Wishes 2019

Happy Basant Panchami Quotes, Statuses, Wishes in Hindi, English for Whatsapp and Facebook - I have posted several popular Basant Panchami 2019 wishes in Hindi for 10 February. I hope you'll enjoy them. Don't forget to share those Happy Basant Panchami Quotes in English on Facebook and Whatsapp.

May the occasion of Basant Panchami, Bring the wealth of knowledge to You, May You be blessed by Goddess Saraswati & All Your Wishes Come True. Promise Day Status

With the chill in the weather receding, may your sorrows also vanish like the cold weather. Happy Basant Panchmi!
Happy Basant Panchami 2019
आई बसंत और खुशियाँ लायी, कोयल गाती मधुर गीत प्यार के, चारों और जैसे सुगंध छाई, फूल अनेकों महके बसंत के
Basant Panchami ka ye pyara tyohar, Jeevan mein laaye khushiyan apaar, Saraswati viraaje aapke dwar, Shubh kaamna hamari karein sweekar, HAPPY BASANT PANCHMI!
Mandir Ki Ghanti, Arti Ki Thali, Nadi KE Kinare Suraj Ki Lali, Zindagi Mein Aaye Khushiyo Ki Bahar, Aap Ko Mubarak Ho Basant…

Best Promise Day status messages in Hindi for February 11 | Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day | A day to express your trust for your loved ones and your valentine. A day to tell them know much your care about them and to promise that your love for them will never fade away. So today I have decided to share a precious collection for best promise day status and messages and written with lots of love for your and your loved ones. Read this awesome collection for Promise day status in Hindi and share the list with your friends and loved ones.

You can share these promise day statuses with your friends and valentines using whatsapp and facebook messenger. If you have some statuses that are not in the list, then post them in comment box given down, our users would be happy to read them.  Valentine's Day Status for Girlfriend

Uska vaada bhi Ajeeb tha ki Zindagi bhar sath nibhayenge,
Maine bhi ye nahi pucha ke Mahobbat ke sath?? ya Yaado ke sath ??
उसका ‎वादा‬ भी ‎अजीब‬ था कि ‎जिन्दगी‬ भर साथ ‎निभायेंगे‬,
मैंने भी ये नहीं ‎पुछा‬ की ‎मोहब्बत‬ के साथ ?? या यादों के…

Best Teddy Day Status Messages in Hindi for February 10 | Happy Teddy-Bear Day

Teddy Bear is one of the favorite toy for girls of any age. They just love the stuffed toys, a toy which they can hug, share their feelings and sleep with them. So this day has enough importance in the valentine's week. A medium/large size stuffed toy is enough to impress any girl on this day.

So Today I have posted some of the best Teddy day status in Hindi, use these teddy day hindi status as your whatsapp wall or post them on Facebook and don't forget to share this beautiful collection of hindi Teddy day status with your friends and acquaintances. Whatsapp Wishes for Teddy Day

When Everyone Turns You Down, There's Always Your Teddy To Hug You
Mere sabhi Purush mtro ke liye : Dekhna kahi Teddy ki aad me Daddy na ban jana :p
Teddy Day Whatsapp Status 2019
I Wish I Was A Teddy Bear
That Lay Upon Your Bad
So Every Time You Cuddled It
You Cuddled Me Instead
Happy Teddy Bear Day
मेरे सभी पुरुष मित्रों के लिए : देखना कहीं टेडी की आड़ में डैडी ना बन जाना :p
Chocolate Day …